Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale

The advantage to quality disposable vape pens is that they are ready-to-go straight out of the box. They are fully charged, filled, and discrete. However, if you choose cheap over quality, those disposable vape pens will hurt your branding rather than help. We believe that even single use dispensers should be made to last.

  • Ceramic core technology
  • Long last battery life vape pen
  • No clog&No burnt taste
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Your Perfect Disposable Pen at Wholesale Prices

Ready straight out of the box, our disposable pens help your current and future customers connect your brand with quality, reliability, and clean flavors.

All In One Disposable Pen

The all-in-one disposable pen is synonymous with vape culture. If you want your marketing to be memorable, make sure every product, even the most basic, is top quality.

Ccell Style Disposable Vape Pen

Elegantly designed, our Ccell style disposable vape pens are compact and discrete. They are built to feel good and look good. Your customers will think they are higher end designs

Pod System Disposable Pen

These long-lasting pods are highly efficient, attractively built, and made to be taken anywhere. These are perfect for long trips, higher-end gifts, or users looking to sample new vape mixtures.

Advantages Of Ccore Disposable Vape Pens

Your customers have a choice. Don’t give them a reason to switch brands. Broaden your product line and keep them coming back with disposable pens.

No leakage issue

Disposable pens are leakproof. This means your customers can keep puffing without wiping away any spills.

No burnt & No clog

These fully enclosed units are made specifically for efficiency and quality just as their refillable counterparts.

Ceramic Core Technology

Ceramic core technology resists heat damage to your customer’s vape mixtures, keeping the flavors smooth and lacking that burnt taste.

Long Last Battery Life

Disposable pens are only worth their life expectancy. Short life = wasted product. Our batteries are made to last and made to please.

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Test Ccore Disposable Pens

Looking to add a disposable line to your product offerings? Or maybe you need something more reliable than your current supplier? Regardless of the reason we are happy to help out and even send you a free sample.

“Ccore’s disposable vape pens are perfect for our marketing campaigns. We always have a full stock of them on our shelves for clients and customers. ”