510 Cartridge Battery Wholesale

You shouldn’t have to worry about power. Instead, you should be focusing on your specific product lines and other customer needs. Our 510 thread cartridge batteries are built to last, to power, and to please.

  • Long last battery life
  • Universal 510 thread
  • Inhale actitived & Push button battery
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510 cartridge battery

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Our business is based on the premise of solving your vape product needs now and into the future.

The Best 510 Cartridge Battery

Reliability – Safety – Consistency – Cost Effective
Our 510 thread cartridge batteries are the gold standard for cartridges. We ensure that when you need the power, our batteries are there to deliver.

Auto draw 510 battery

Simple and reliable these auto draw 510 thread batteries are perfect for those needing a quick and efficient source of power. They are small in size but big energy and always provide the best experience.

Slim variable voltage 510 battery

When you want something more customizable, the slim variable voltage 510 cartridge battery lets your customers adjust the voltage based on their needs. The setting allows for multiple types of oil and vape solutions for the same cartridge.

Box Mod 510 Battery

Looking to offer your customers something with a little more power? Our box mod 510 batteries are perfect for people wanting more power, more functionality, and more capacity as compared to the auto draw.

Why wholesale Ccore 510 cartridge battery

The battery is the power station of the vape pen. They need to be reliable, consistent, and appropriately sized for your product line specifications. We understand the critical needs of a quality battery and strive to produce the best 510 thread cartridge battery on the market.

  • Universal 510 threaded
  • Long last battery life
  • 6 months warranty
  • Safety for consumers

Test Ccore 510 Cartridge Battery

Interested in finding out how our 510 thread batteries can support your vape product line needs? Reach out to us for a sample and a conversation on what we offer and how we can solve your customer's needs.

“CCORE’s entire catalogue is worth the investment. I’ve never had a vape product or accessory from them that I was dissatisfied with. “