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Wholesale Empty Vape Pen Cartridges Whether you need some unique like wood tipped Ccells or something durable like FC1 Full Ceramic Cartridges, our manufacturing process ensures reliability and consistent high-end quality. Our products speak for themselves.

  • No burn&No leakage
  • Ceramic core technology
  • Lead free vape cartridges
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Our business is based on the premise of solving your vape product needs now and into the future.

Why Buying Wholesale Ccore Vape Pen Cartridges

We developed our products with your customers in mind. We believe in the quality of our products and know that your brand will benefit from them.

Lead Free Vape Cartridges

Your customers can rest easy knowing that their vape solution won’t be tainted by any harmful products like lead. Each breath should taste clean and satisfying.

Best Wholesale Price for Empty Cartridges

We offer the best prices for all of our vape products. This means that your margins stay strong, and you get to keep more cash in your pocke

Optimized Ceramic Cartridges

Built for optimum vaping these cartridges are heat resistant, highly adaptable, and perform better without that stale burnt taste.

Quality Guaranteed on Everything

We stand by everything that we make and sell. We believe in our products so much that we offer free samples with only the cost of shipping necessary.

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Considerations When Buying Empty Vape Cartridges

Not all vape pen cartridge vendors are created equal. Ccore is not only supplying empty vape carts but also solving your concerns. When purchasing bulk vape pen cartridges, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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The Type of Cartridges You Are Looking For

There are many types of vape cartridges on the market. Before making bulk vape cartridges, you should know what cartridge you need and best for your business. Ccore offers multi types of cartridges as follows:

1. Lead Free Cartridges.

Consumers’ health is the most important thing. A lead-free cartridge is the best choice for your oil. Ccore cartridges use high-end metals to avoid toxic metals and pass heavy metal testing by third-party labs. Some of our lead-free cartridges: M4 ccell carts, G5 push top carts, and FC1 ceramic cartridge.

2. Classic Glass Cartridge.

If you want a classic style, popular and refillable cartridge, we suggest you get the Ccore M4 ccell cartridge. Ccore M4 is a screw-on ceramic top glass cartridge. The classic ceramic top makes it popular and there are multi options for the mouthpiece from ceramic to wood.

3. Tamper-proof Cartridge.

A tamper-proof cartridge is best for those who just want their consumers to vape their oil and can not refill it again to keep the oil pure. Taper-proof means non-refillable and one-time use. Our tamper-proof cartridges: Ccore G5 cartridge, Ccore FC1 cartridge, and Ccore easy press cart.

4. Ceramic Core Cartridge or Wick Cartridge.

A cartridge’s heating element is an important factor, ceramic core heating element supports long time use, smooth taste and is better for high viscosity oil. Wick cartridges can offer good taste but it is easy to leak and burnt. Ccore cartridges are all made with an optimized ceramic core heating element.

5. Bottom Airflow or Top Airflow Cartridge.

Airflow is another factor for a vape cartridge. Good airflow can offer the best smooth taste of your oil. Bottom airflow cartridges are common on the market such as Ccell cartridges. They offer air from the bottom of the cartridge to the mouthpiece directly and are compatible with most 510 batteries, especially auto-draw batteries. While top airflow cartridges offer air from top to bottom, then to the mouthpiece, sometimes it is not smooth compared to bottom airflow cartridges. And a top airflow cartridge only works with button vape pen batteries.

The Size of Cartridges

The vape cartridges on the market are generally 0.5ml(half gram) and 1.0ml(one gram). These two sizes are the most popular with a ratio of 50:50. However, sometimes you may need a special size like 0.3ml or 0.8ml, Ccore offers services like custom cartridge’s capacity, oil holes, etc.

The Price Point

Price is an important point when you buy empty vape pen cartridges wholesale. A good price can bring you better competitiveness and profit. Ccore offers factory prices on all our empty vape cartridges.

Service & Warranty

A good supplier can bring you more options for your business growth. Not only offering customization service for your brand but an excellent product guarantee. Ccore supplies multiple customized services and we give you half year product warranty.

Location of Cartridges Supplier

There are only two options for the supplier’s locations: Local and China. If you are looking for carts urgent, you may have to buy from the local wholesaler at a little higher price. If you can wait and want a cheap price, then you can buy vape carts from China. Ccore locates in Shenzhen, vaping capital of the world, which can bring you the latest vape technology.

The Lead Time and Shipping

Local cartridges wholesale can offer quick lead time and shipping if they have an inventory. Buying wholesale vape cartridges from China will cost more time compared with local, Ccore offers 5-7 days lead time if less than 10k, and 7-10 days for over 10k. Custom orders will cost 2-3 weeks. For vape shipping, all China vape suppliers choose shipping by air due to the PACT Act, usually it will take 10-15 days.

Test Ccore Cartridges

Want to test drive one of our items for your product line? Reach out to us and we can start the process. We want to make sure you are comfortable before committing to a larger order.

“Ccore’s products are just what my customers want. I know that I can rely on their quality and consistency for each product sent. I trust them with my vaping product manufacturing needs.”


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