Quality Vapes

We believe that quality makes for a better experience. It’s the most important thing we care about

Why Quality Is Important To Us?

Not all products mass-produced are created equal. There are many distributors that don’t care about your customers.

We dream of changing that. When we first started this company, we knew we wanted to be different. Rather, we knew we needed to refocus manufacturing on quality products. Instead of bulk production of products that may or may not be useful, our unique system efficiently creates vape products made with your customers in mind. We don’t want you to just sell our products, rather, we want you to sell the best products on the market, which just happen to be ours.

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How Do We Control Quality

The first step in manufacturing reliable goods is believing that the quality control process isn’t a necessary evil but is a tool to identify flaws, and, in the end, make a better product. Because we believe in the power of quality control, we’ve instilled risk and flaw analysis at every stage of the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to battery efficiencies and to finished product design. Everything is double checked.

Raw materials inspection

Battery cells aging testing

Semi-finished products testing

Process inspection

Finished products testing

The Safest Vape Hardware

Quality doesn’t just mean reliability. It also means safety. Again, we aren’t just interested in our clients. Rather, we care about your customers. We want to offer the highest caliber and safest product on the market.

Metal free vape cartridges, no toxic

CE/ROHS certified battery materials

ISO9001 certified factory

We Are Committed To Providing Qualified Vape Hardware!

Want to test drive one of our items for your product line? Interested in learning about our manufacturing process or how we make such great quality products? Reach out to us now and we can start the conversation!
“Ccore’s products have never given me any problems. Where other suppliers fail, CcoreVape has figured out a way to make their products safe, efficient, and cost effective without any functional issues.”
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