Ccell M3 Battery

The Ccell M3 battery is an easy-use 510-thread vape battery. It is inhale-activated and highly customizable.

  • Strong 350mAh battery
  • 510 threading
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Auto-draw function, no button
Battery Capacity350mAh
Voltage3.7V Output
FeatureInhale Actitived
Charging Method510 Thread Charging Port
Battery IndicatorBottom Led Light
Battery ColorWhite/Black/Silver/Custom
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Bulk Ccell M3 Battery Wholesale

The Ccell technology means ceramic core, not the brand “CCELL”.

Ccell M3 battery is an inhale-activated 510 thread battery. The M3 vape pen features an internal 350mAh battery with 3.7v output voltage. It is a buttonless 510 thread battery, easy to vape and perfectly compatible with Ccore M4 Ccell cartridge and Ccore G5 ccell cartridge. The Ccell M3 battery is suitable with a 510-thread no-cable charger.

With a stainless steel housing, the Ccell M3 vape battery is highly customizable. We offer white-label service on 510 threaded batteries and empty oil cartridges.

The Ccell M3 vape battery is buttonless, if you are looking for a button style 510 thread vape battery, you can check out our ccell M3b battery, or the max vape battery.


  • Draw Activated Battery
  • Compatible with Ccell Cartridges
  • 350mAh inside Battery
  • LED Light Indicator
ccell m3 battery

Custom Your Brand Vape Pen

Ccore offers multiple options for custom vape pens. Talk to us to find out how we can help you brand your vape pens.

  • Printing logo on the battery tube
  • Laser logo symbol on the bottom
  • Custom the battery colors
  • Custom the battery finish
ccell m3 battery

FAQs on Ccell M3 Battery Wholesale

The Ccell M3 battery is the most popular draw-activated vape pen on the market. Buy wholesale ccell M3 battery from Ccore at competitive factory price.

What is price and MOQ for Ccell M3 battery?

Ccell M3 battery is a draw activated vape pen, the price is cheap like $1.95-$2.15, depending on quantity. The wholesale order MOQ is 1000pcs.

What is the packaging?

We normally pack the M3 battery like 100pcs in a box. If you are looking for individual packaging, we suggest you can have your own custom packaging.

What is your lead time and shipping?

For regular orders like 1000pcs, the lead time is about 7 days. Shipping to the USA is by air to California and then delivered by UPS, it will cost 10-15 days.